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Spend your vacation near Yerevan on a farm "Garni Donkey Farm"

In detail
Garni is 20 km from Yerevan
Garni Donkey Farm is located 20 kilometers from Yerevan in the valley of the Azat River, near the ancient village of Garni, famous for its attractions and gastronomic tourism.
When creating the farm, we were guided by our love and concern for the preservation of Armenian traditions. And we really wanted to help preserve the heritage of Armenia – friendly and hardworking animals that have served the Armenians faithfully for many centuries.
After all, it was Armenian donkeys who were irreplaceable helpers: they transported food and wine, they were the main mode of transport in the country for many centuries, it was donkeys who helped in the production of agricultural products, turning heavy millstones of mills and in the production of wine, delivering grapes from mountain plantations.
Unfortunately today, the Armenian breed of donkeys has almost disappeared. Due to various trends, these animals were kept quite rarely in Armenian family farms. That's why we decided to create a farm where donkeys could live comfortably, and our guests could communicate with these cute animals.animals that have served the Armenians faithfully for many centuries.
Гори, Грузия
Тур одного дня
Today there are 15 donkeys living on our farm, and each of them has its own name and character.
You can get acquainted with our animals and ride them, as well as taste cheeses and other products of our farm when you come to visit us.
Most of our animals are females, they produce delicious milk, which is also the richest source of collagen. Its healing properties have been known since ancient times, and are extremely valuable for maintaining female beauty.
You can also try it at our farm.
We are waiting for you to visit!
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E-mail: garni-donkeys@hotmail.com
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